From our operations manual:

In our locker room there are (3) 3-ring binders.

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Artisans Training Modules & SOPs

  • QR Codes and SOPs for Material and Tool Management

As we prepare to bring on a new Material and Tool Manager (MTM) next week, I find myself working on the tools and systems for that role with every hour possible. I thought copying and pasting the back cover of that binder might give you a better idea of what we are all about, so here goes:

Our mission: Better Homes | Better Jobs | Better World.

  • We image Christ’s work in us when we make these high-end surfaces out of these low-end materials. 

  • We brighten neighborhoods by creating rich experiences of locals making great floors, countertops and furniture for their community. 

    • Our culture of excellence, our training program, and our systems of feedback and material management create great artisan-class jobs and this helps overcome local poverty. 

    • Those on our team are made brighter as they move from apprentices, to artisans, to masters, to leaders.

People need homes and workplaces, those spaces need floors, and there are only 2 choices:

  • Durable, timelessly beautiful element7concrete

  • Future garbage. Except hardwood, in 30 years today’s trendy floor covering will look like stuff from 1989. Water ruins wood floors, carpet, laminate, etc.

Our values and how we live them out managing material and tools:

  1. Stay safe. 

    • The MTM makes sure team members have functional PPE for every project. 

    • We grind wet even though it is much more labor intensive than grinding dry because the dust from grinding dry is unhealthful to be around. 

    • We do not install sealers and coatings where the will need be stripped years later. 

  2. Make Raving Fans.

    • The MTM sets the standard for service by serving the artisans often before they even wake up for their workday. They then are inspired to serve our patrons well. 

    • Every part of our systems is orientated towards reminding ourselves of how fun it is to light up another person with great work. 

  3. Create Value.

    • Every position, every day, the person filling it contributes more than they take out and there is a scoreboard reflecting their contribution. 

    • We created a company worth contributing to. 

  4. Uplift. 

    • Every score is affected by the spirit of the team as reflected by the members’ scorecards

    • We leave everything and everyone better than we found them.

    • We only speak when it may help somebody.

  5. Play-as-a-pro paradox.

    • Championship athletes play best when having fun.

    • We have the most fun in life overall when we have been the least indulgent with ourselves.

    • Therefore, in going hard (rain or shine), we end up having more fun at work than anybody we know.

Thanks for reading. As always, please phone or email us if we might be able to add value to your project.