Why we love concrete flooring

  • It matches nearly everything: I have a keen sense of style and a big mouth. If something clashes or looks dumb, I will likely blurt out. Remarkably, after over 1000 projects, I don’t remember one where the customer blew it. Matching stained concrete to wood, granite, etc. is like matching a t-shirt to jeans. It’s hard to go wrong.

  • It doesn’t go out of style: The first staining projects, done in the 1920’s still look great. On the other hand, the best tile from 30 years ago...looks like 1986 now. Like good design in general, our floors may continue to be relevant indefinitely.

  • It’s really clean: When we tear out carpet, wood, even tile, it is gross. The stuff that accumulates under floor covering is not something you want in your home. On the other hand, when you clean your concrete floor, you are done. No “deep cleaning” needed. If you use with rugs to “warm it up” and absorb sound, they can be easily cleaned completely.

  • It’s a responsible choice: Concrete is made from some of the world’s most abundant materials, is super-durable, and never goes out of style. There is no “greener” choice for flooring. By comparison, everything else is future-garbage.


Nobody has worked harder, smarter, and longer than us to perfect the process and to make it as good as it could be. Call 830-798-2717 or come by 7223 W. FM 1431, Granite Shoals, Texas, 78654 to see for yourself.

Why this is not for everyone

  • It is imperfect. A “perfect” concrete floor is like a Unicorn: I can imagine it, but I no longer hope to see one in person. You should not (look for Unicorns) either.

  • It is unpredictable. You don’t get to pick the imperfection you end up with. Furthermore, the color can vary from the sample / imagined result: we can control the general direction of the color and we have lots of tricks to swing the color, but even after over 1000 floors, we are occasionally surprised.

  • It will change. Your floor may develop white spots or areas, dark spots, browns spots, or you may not get any spots. Anyway, new is not old. Old may be better, though (see above). If things changing freaks you out, you need to pick something else.

  • It is not completely maintenance free. Sealer outside lasts 2-8 years. Re-waxing interior floors with our 505 finish is optional, but most call us every 5-10 years for that.


What is next?

Come check us out in person. See how stain-resistant our floors are. Feel how diamond polished vs. sealed or coated concrete. Know that your concrete floor will be imperfect, but with us it can be world-class.