My Path to Here

On January 15th, 2000, I was living in Las Vegas, and I married an amazing girl from Texas. For six years my days were divided between studying math at UNLV and working as a doorman at The Golden Nugget.

When our son was three and our daughter a newborn I decided I wanted to feed my family meeting a basic human need.  Everyone needs flooring, and nothing seemed prettier or more durable than polished concrete. I diligently worked to learn the trade and the science behind it, we moved to Texas, and I went to work by myself at first.

By word-of-mouth the company grew 1400-percent over 12 years. Now, a new generation of artisans takes best practices from thousands of projects as a baseline, and our processes evolve.

You have a choice for flooring now: element7concrete, or something to throw into a landfill later. Thank you for considering a better way.