Healthiest Home Possible

The older I get, the more I ask myself “What is the healthiest choice I could make right now”.

If I had to select flooring, I would say element7concrete with natural rugs cleaned periodically with water and natural cleaners. I acknowledge that we have a clear bias though. I would love to truly know that we are doing the most sustainable, healthiest thing possible.

If VOC’s in the materials of your home are something you care about, please share your research with us.

So far, we have found the Ameripolish® line of materials to be ideal both in healthfulness and durability. Stacking these 3 things

  1. 3D SR2 Fully Penetrating Stain-Resistor (safety data sheet linked here) - on top of

  2. 3D SP-E Semi-Penetrating/Semi-Topical Sealer (safety data sheet linked here) - on top of

  3. 3D HS (3 densifiers in one product) Hybrid Silicate Densifier (safety data sheet linked here)

VOCs for those three materials are 5g/L, <5g/L, and 1g/L respectively. More important I think though is the durability and the unlikelihood of long-term outgassing.

Full disclosure, we run propane-powered equipment on the floors before and after applying all those materials, so there is some nastiness there to air out. We think this is the cleanest thing anyone could do though. And again, we are looking for your input. You are on the internet researching right now, and we are probably making floors. If you find something that we’d be better off knowing, please share it with us!