We love enhanced concrete placement because it is timeless and durable. Involving us with a placement team is like pairing great trim carpenters with good framers when building a house. This work needs to be planned before pouring concrete so contact us now by phone at (830)798-2717 or info@element7concrete.com

Options for Enhanced Placement

  • Pattern stamping

  • Texture skin stamping

  • Texture + Scoring

  • Antiquing stain for textured concrete

  • Integral Color

  • Color Hardener

  • Exterior Stained and Sealed Concrete after we’ve stamped it

  • Sealing with Concentrated Solvent Sealer

How we started enhancing placement projects: Success built on failure.

We were called in to overlay several projects that were not well stamped by the placement team. The problem is (dirty little secret) none of the overlay materials are as hard or age as gracefully as proper concrete. So, when builders would ask us to bid overlay jobs on new construction (trusting the placement contractor with the dirt-work, grading, slope, and us with the aesthetic details), we asked if we could save them the material cost and just stamp the fresh concrete. This worked great: right when that team was exhausted, our team would come off the proverbial sidelines and nail the details.


Pattern Stamping

We often say, show us a picture of anything and chances are we have done it at least twice. Some people just love the Ashlar Slate or wood plank stamping, it’s hard to do, and we are really good at it.

Copy of STMP-004

Pattern Stamp

Commonly used for patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks, stamped concrete results in beautiful finish.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image of patterns available for stamping.

Copy of BOOTS-018

Texture Skin Stamping + Scored

Texture stamps are designed to resemble patterns, textures, pavers, cobblestone, brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood and more.

Texture skin stamping + scoring is generally a better way to go. Good design generally means using materials honestly. Rather than mimic flagstone, we think it is better to be inspired by the texture of flagstone, but make something that is world-class decorative concrete rather than imitation anything. Also, if we didn’t get a chance to stamp it and/or it looks bad for some reason initially, scoring can largely fix that.


Antiquing Stain

For Textured Stained Concrete

Antiquing Stain enhances texture and gives a secondary color, especially in the low spots of stamped concrete.


Copy of PLACE-001

Integral color

To achieve a more modern, steely grey, we use integral color.


To achieve a more modern, steely grey, we use integral color. Integral color is ideal for efficiently creating medium grey to black concrete. Integral color is appropriate when you want to grind and polish the concrete.

Integral Color Myths

Integral color is cheaper than staining. False: it's the same or a bit more

Integral color makes it so if you chip the concrete it's the same color. False: texture and aggregate affects color materially - it will be lighter and rocky if you chip it.

Integral color is more consistent than staining. False: maintaining consistency from truck to truck is very hard. Use Color Hardener for maximum consistency.


Integral color is pigment added to an entire batch of wet concrete: using it correctly requires some math and careful measuring.


Color Hardener

Color Hardener makes it possible to create surfaces lighter than normal concrete.

Photo courtesy of  Butterfield Color, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Butterfield Color, Inc.

The images above and at left depicts color hardener being broadcast and troweled in to the wet concrete.

With color hardener it is possible to make surfaces lighter than normal concrete. There is no white integral color that could overcome the color from the sand and rocks of the concrete. Additionally, it will even out the color of multiple pours, as you seen below in the photos of this 20,000 s/ft driveway.

White Color Hardener with Black dye

In the photos below we used a dry-shake color hardener in Nantucket White and then amid the polishing process we used a light loading of Black Surelock Dye from Ameripolish. The movement and variegation makes for a great finished floor.

Color Options


What’s exciting about color hardener is that there are so many colors to choose from. One of the colors in the chart below is sure to combine well with other design choices in your home. Depending on your style you could pick just about any color to fit with your personal tastes.