This captures how thin THIN-FINISH goes down and may be a useful process shot for 3036.

Cement Based Overlays

Thin-Finish™, MicroFinish™, Textured Stamped Overlays, Pattern Stamped Overlays, and ReFresco

Thin-Finish™, is a polymerized, cementitious overlay, it is one of the best resurfacing systems for outdoor installation known to man.

MicroFinish™ There are two kinds of overlays in the world: Self-leveling, polishable overlays and hand-troweled polymer-modified mortars. The self-leveling polishable overlays look great at first, but they all map-crack by the 3rd year, and are expensive. For $15/sf, we expect more. So, we figured out how to polish thin polymer-modified mortars so that we could make floors that look like troweled concrete for a fair price that do not crack up.

Stamped We often say “show us a picture of anything and chances are we have done it at least twice”. Some people just love the Ashlar Slate or wood plank stamping, it’s hard to do, and we are frankly really good at it.