Acrylic vs. Impregnating Sealer

The difference between sealing with acrylic sealer and with an impregnating sealer is that the color in acrylic sealer will pop. With impregnating sealer the color remains muted and the surface less slick.


Cast In Place

To make a outdoor living area soulful, and timeless, and remarkable sometimes means commissioning true artisans rather than getting a deal on a slab


Dye and Seal Does not work

Only specify materials that go into the concrete rather than on top of the concrete for maximum durability and a graceful patina.

Applehead Island Turnaround

This pattern stamp, made to look like pavers, is more durable for sustained vehicle traffic.


Control Joint Filling

The control joints are filled to keep dirt, dust and other debris out.


Drain: Water Mitigation

To mitigate water we cut trenches then installed a drain pipe.

Backyard Basketball

Basketball court lines cut into the concrete and acid stained.


Acryla-Deck Latex Deck Coating

Latex deck coating with cool feel technology designed to reduce the temperature of concrete surfaces exposed to UV rays by up to 20 degrees.


Final Polish

A final polish happens at the end of construction, amid the final cleaning and right before move in.

Freak-out Day

All acid stains react with concrete to create colors unlike what they look like in the bottle.


Hye Meadow Winery Industrial Epoxy

The winemakers at Hye Meadow Winery have tried sealers in their barrel room in the past, but over time, the wine stained and corroded the concrete. Our industrial concrete coatings are the only way to have the chemical resistance required for such a situation.


Ghost of Tile

Rehabbing a commercial space.


Imitation Acid Stain Replaced

This front patio in Spicewood was painted to look like stain. That’s never really a good idea.

Grouted Lines

Uncolored concrete is naturally brownish and greenish. To achieve a more modern, steely grey, we use integral color.


Industrial Epoxy

Solid color epoxy and poly are actually some of the least forgiving materials to install. The surface prep has to be perfect.

Enhanced Concrete Placement: Integral Color

This driveway project on Applehead Island demanded a steely, intentional grey. Using Butterfield Uni-Mix® in Charcoal (U-28) at 80% of max. loading, we were able to get a much better and more controlled grey that will not fade like a paint-like stain.


Patio Resurface

Removing old paint from a patio gives it a fresh yet timeless finish.

Metallic Epoxy Where and How

Metallic Epoxy is an easy to clean, visually striking, flooring option. This is especially good in small areas where you want to make a bold accent to cover a plumbing trench or a cracked foundation.


Apparatus Bay Finish

The finish we devised with the Pflugerville Fire Department solves a big and long standing problem.

Outdoor Carpeting to Stained and Sealed Concrete

As a home ages, our styles or taste may also change along with the times. Outdoor carpet, green and scratchy underfoot, sorry to say has had its heyday.


Polishing Grout

This mixture of resin, catalyst, cement, sand and pigment troweled into the pores creating a better surface for polishing.


Prochip Epoxy Flake

The Texas Parks and Wildlife CCA Marine Development Center


Microfinish Overlay Remodel

This series, from the multi-day project, shows the entire floor remodel process start to finish.



Most sealed concrete floors do not age well. This apartment sales office was not different.



When plumbing needs to go somewhere new in a remodeling project, a trench is made by cutting the floor and hammering out the concrete.


Wet Weather Woes

We had an unusually wet Spring when this deck overlay was done.


Overlay of Old Concrete Next to New – Eliminate Garish Contrast

Prochip Process

Prochip is a seamless vinyl chip flooring system.



There are a number of ways to seal concrete flooring. Acrylic sealer, paste wax, and diamond polishing with an impregnating sealer to name a few, each with its own unique result.


Stamped Exterior Commercial Space

Placement contractors do site work, reinforcement, and placement more efficiently than we can, but having a team of detail guys to take over the process when it is time to stamp results in a better finish. Stamping is much more durable than an overlay.


Whiter Whites + Brighter Brights

THIN-FINISH™️ overlay and acrylic sealer to get this bold look.


Boulder Refresco

We devised a material that worked like paint, but was integrally colored cement-based.


Thin-Finish Overlay Outdoor Living

Lakefront Getaway Refresco

This is lakefront getaway flooded, and the overlay we installed four years ago took some abuse. We made it better than ever by installing ReFresco and staining it with Colina Tan Permatique.


Resin Quartz Overlay

Resin is one of the most chemically resistant materials man has devised while quartz is harder than steel. Together they make an amazing floor.


Subtle “Greige”

Every slab of concrete is uniquely colored.


Precast Seam Detail

We came up with a clever way to install a decorative tile over the seam of two precast pieces.


Control Joint