Copy of EPX-016

ProChip Coating


The Texas Parks and Wildlife CCA Marine Development Center

The Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Marine Development Center was founded in 1980's, to restock diminishing populations of certain Texas Gulf Coast fish. They successfully stabilized the populations of red drum. Though they still restock bays, educating visitors with tours has become the their main mission now.

We first ripped out all of the old, water-damaged flooring. Then, we repaired the cracks. Next, we ground the concrete leaving a rough surface for great bonding.

Once the slab was rough, clean, and dry, we applied 16 mils of 100% solids epoxy and we broadcasted vinyl flakes to rejection. This job had 3 top-coats applied for the most resilient and skid-resistant finish possible: Acrylic Emulsion, followed by Poly-Aspartic, lastly FloroWear 7100 (for its superior skid resistance).