Industrial Concrete Coatings

Industrial Concrete Coatings are needed for extreme chemical resistance.


The winemakers at Hye Meadow Winery have tried sealers in their barrel room in the past, but over time, the wine stained and corroded the concrete. Our industrial concrete coatings are the only way to have the chemical resistance required for such a situation. To install this type of flooring properly you must have great surface prep, priming, and attention to detail.

More applications of solid epoxy.


Step 1

Surface Prep We start by grinding the floor with 14-grit metal bonded diamond abrasives.

Step 2

Primer Then we install a water-based epoxy primer for superior resistance to alkalinity.


Step 3

Next we install 20+ mils of 100% solids epoxy.


Step 4

Finally, adding a top-coat of urethane.