Wet Weather Woes

With any overlay careful attention must be paid to the profiling and prep of the concrete. We had an unusually wet Spring when this deck overlay was done. We were rained out 12 times, and four times, it actually rained on us.

Try as we may to prepare, getting rained out so many times, we didn’t get the impression that we wanted to. There was too much inconsistency tearing it out and redoing it, so we used our refresco material to control the color and make it look monolithic and first class, despite the challenges.

  • We chip out and profile the rough old concrete overlay in preparation for the wood look stamped overlay.

  • Use a bush-hammer on the existing slab for profile and bonding.

  • Instead of a waterproofing membrane we Installed a Xypex Mortar to protect the concrete and help waterproof it the deck.

  • Install stampable overlay integrally colored Chocolate.

  • Stamp overlay with 6 inch wood plank stamp.

  • Use antiquing stain in Charcoal to accentuate the wood-plank pattern.