We often use metallic epoxy to cover a construction error in a small area where a bold look and high chemical resistance is appreciated (Link here). In this case, metallic epoxy was used to cover excessive cracking.

Normally, cracks are part of the charm of stained+polished concrete floors. Ironically, it seems like the folks with the lowest tolerance for imperfection end up with the most cracks. Such was the case with this floor: we had stained and polished it several years ago, and an issue with the site-prep/pad resulted in cracking that the builder/owner could not stand anymore.

The cleanliness of an element7concrete floors is a hard act to follow. One can cover a cracked floor with wood or carpet, but after years of never needing “deep cleaning”, it’s hard to go back to floor covering. (The stuff that accumulates under floor coverings is gross). So the solution is resin: epoxy has great tensile and flexural strength, so in this case we can confidently repair cracks and coat it without much fear that the cracks will come though like they would a cement-based overlay. A color chart from Arizona Polymer Flooring is featured at right.


We start by following the smaller cracks with a V-shaped blade on a grinder to allow more repair material in. Large cracks are stitched, but that was not required on this post-tensioned slab.

Available in a variety of colors that can be layered or separated, bold colors can accent base colors.

Available in a variety of colors that can be layered or separated, bold colors can accent base colors.

Before the floor can be coated we create porosity and profile by grinding or scarifying.


Cracks are intentionally over filled with a urethane mortar and ground flush.

Solid Color Epoxy Blue.jpg

After mitigating moisture, we lay down 20 mils of solid colored epoxy. On the next day, we sand that and apply 20 mils of metallic epoxy. We often sand that and top-coat with a urethan on the 3rd day.


The metallic epoxy featured here uses copper as the main color and chocolate as the accent color.