Creating more meaningful surfaces

Money comes and goes, but legacies are built to last.

As a commodity, concrete countertops seem like a bad deal. We value making fans by creating value at element7concrete: we love making amazing floors for customers for less than $5/sf. So, when we have to submit proposals for countertops for more than $140/sf, we frankly cringe a little. We sometimes forget that the point of all this work is to make surfaces that delight and touch us as human beings.

This project finished with us engraving “For My Children” into the countertop. It began with forming up massive shapes that could not be made with any other material. In the middle some great people poured their energy into these slabs. When you touch them, you can feel that there is much more than just a surface to set your drink on. There is about 2000lbs of element7concrete to lean up on. Concrete countertops are much more work than just shaping granite (and therefore are more expensive). To make a outdoor living area soulful, and timeless, and remarkable sometimes means commissioning true artisans rather than getting a deal on a slab though. The “children” the patron had this all built for certainly appreciate the hand-made.