My $20,000 bet on my team

If you drove by 7223 W. FM 1431 yesterday after 8AM, it looked like a ghost town. There were no cars in the team-member lot, all 7 service trucks were parked, you could even wander into the gallery pod and never be spoken to. It looked like we were suddenly put out of business.

We were not.

I decided months ago to block out 2 days of productive work for all teams to attend the simulcast of the 2017 Global Leadership Summit at First Baptist Church in Marble Falls.

It could have been a source for an ego trip at the church (ironic, I know). We had about 5 times as many people there as any other company. The decorum of my team was outstanding. We are a physically impressive group, and everybody sat focused and alert throughout the talks. We had a big room to ourselves for breakout meetings, and the reflections of the speakers' points were great.

It was not a party for me. Aside from the tickets and the free lunch, I am paying for 448 hours of "work" that I know will create zero revenue this week.

I just kept thinking "I hope I am spending this wisely." I have always invested in personal/professional development five-figures/year for me is a standard operating procedure. I have little doubt we could've grown to where we are without that sustained investment. I've never invested so much in others though.

There is a chance that none of this will stick. There is a chance that I am a fool to pay so generously and to invest in the minds of workmen so deeply. There is a chance that all the work on our custom labor and material tracking software and the ERP linking all our information systems together is for naught. The risk I take every day for how little I have this company pay me is ridiculous on paper. The chance for total failure faces me daily. There is also a chance for massive positive impact.

I have a huge vision for this company. I love each member of my team. I made this investment because I figured even at full opportunity cost, this was 2.2% of our payroll last year. I pray they all prove me right.