Concrete Pavers Refinished, Reimagined

Paver Refresco

This is a revolutionary offering. Millions of pavers get thrown away every year. We make them better than when they were when originally installed. Replacing concrete pavers takes weeks, costs thousands, and is wasteful. They are seldom recycled or re-used. We can refinish them giving them new life and creating less waste.

Because pavers catch stains over time, and because they are so porous, some of those stains will never come out.

Over time they take on a patina, so though theoretically they could be exchanged for new ones, that's not how it normally works. New pavers are almost always less than a perfect match with old pavers.

There are acres and acres of pink-ish red pavers out there that no longer match the updated decor of the home they lead up to. They can be found on high-end driveways and while  Tuscan-style homes were all the rage 10-20 years ago, modern greys and muted browns are the preferred style today.

3066 on pavers with 8oz Charcoal